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"Neither privacy nor publicity is dead, but technology will continue to make a mess of both."

Discussion: As people share more information about themselves online, the Internet has created a public transcript of consciousness – storing our thoughts, locations, social lives, and memories in data warehouses all over the world.  With a scarcity of effective methods to manage online privacy and digital marketers always lurking in cyber space, some privacy advocates and everyday Web users worry we have lost control of our identities on the Internet.  While some argue that we should enjoy the benefits of having access to such a rich trove of personal information, others argue there is a dark side to all this sharing.


Date: December 13, 2010


Questions for discussion:

  • Discuss the comment “we need to plan for all of our activities to be discoverable and indexable – forever.”
  • List the creative ways in which social networkers are controlling their online identities.
  • Do you feel it is the government’s role to regulate the Internet in order to protect our electronic privacy?

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