Facebook, Twitter and Groupon: The Next Economy or the Next Tech Bubble?

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Discussion: Beverly Macy, technology writer and author of The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing, discusses the rise of social media and whether it’s a mainstream, revenue-generating business or the next dot.com crash.  While companies like Facebook and Groupon are indeed making money, what’s concerning is the amount of money chasing the next big thing… Read more »

U.S. broadband speeds lag behind global counterparts

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Discussion: Akamai, a company that provides Internet statistics on broadband speed and mobile connectivity, recently released the quarterly “State of the Internet” report.  Of the 100 global cities with the fastest average broadband connections, South Korea and Japan collectively boast the top 45, while the United States has just 13 cities in the top 100… Read more »

10 new open source projects to watch

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Discussion: Black Duck Software, a company that helps automate the management, governance, and security of free and open-source software, recently announced its 2010 open-source “Rookies of the Year” list.  Evaluating the popularity of each open-source project and using a weighted scoring system, it named ten winners, including number one on the list Diaspora, an open-source… Read more »

Broadband world: Connecting Africa

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Discussion: Thanks to three undersea Internet cables that began to arrive in June 2009, East Africa’s tech sector scored a major confidence boost.  As a growing number of private entrepreneurs work to establish Kenya as East Africa’s high-tech hub, the relatively stable government oversees a three million dollar pot of money to reward promising start-ups. … Read more »

We Need to Reclaim Our Private Spaces

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Social scientist Sherry Turkle discusses her hopes for society’s use of technology over the next 30 years.  She is the author of Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other Source: Discovermagazine.com Date: October 2010 Link: http://discovermagazine.com/2010/oct/13-sherry-turkle-need-to-reclaim-private-spaces

Can IT give users a consumer-like experience? Should they?

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Discussion: Aided by a growing array of consumer applications on the Web and mobile phones, IT users have changed their expectations about how applications should function at work.  If they are so darn easy to use at home, shouldn’t the same apply at work?  Thus the term “consumerization,” which is the effect of end-users setting… Read more »

Virtual, mobile, social endeavors drive IT in 2011

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Discussion: In 2010, the U.S. tech sector grew about twice as fast as the overall U.S. economy.  As we enter 2011, several trends are clear: cloud computing, social computing, and mobility have the potential to dramatically improve efficiencies without breaking the bank.  IT leaders have high expectations for moving to Internet-based service models, and some… Read more »

The Internet and the ‘end of privacy’

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Discussion: As people share more information about themselves online, the Internet has created a public transcript of consciousness – storing our thoughts, locations, social lives, and memories in data warehouses all over the world.  With a scarcity of effective methods to manage online privacy and digital marketers always lurking in cyber space, some privacy advocates… Read more »