Facebook for farmers: Technology empowers China’s rural workers

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Discussion: Four years ago, China Mobile launched Nongxintong, a farming information service that delivers timely information and news directly to rural Chinese farmers via their mobile phones.  Running on a web and mobile-based platform, subscribers receive text or audio messages updating them on market prices, buyers, sellers, and job opportunities – all tailored to their… Read more »

How 2010 tech changed retail forever

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Discussion: Long gone are the days when consumers crawled through newspaper ads and trekked to brick and mortar stores.  Through the power of the web, smartphone, and tablet, the American shopping experience has been forever changed.  Consumer online spending is up 12% from last year, and Black Friday online sales accounted for 34% of all… Read more »

The present and the future of the mobile workforce

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Discussion: iPass, a major wireless service provider, surveyed mobile-enabled professionals and reported the top five mobile workforce trends for 2010.  The results are a bit surprising: the median age of the mobile worker is 46, a whopping 97% of mobile employees carry two or more mobile devices, and 88% are checking their smartphones during downtime…. Read more »

Scanning the skies: Helping Asian travellers to compare prices

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Discussion: Former airlines exec Martin Symes discusses the launch of Singapore-based Wego, a travel search engine for the price-sensitive Asian traveler.  He’s convinced a new generation of computer-literate Southeast Asians offers extraordinary growth potential in the number of people booking travel online.  As for starting a small business in “very easy to live in” Singapore,… Read more »

Explain it to me: Cyber attacks

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Description: CNN.com’s tech writer John Sutter explains why the recent denial-of-service cyber attacks were more a political protest than a breach in online security. Source: CNN.com Date: December 10, 2010 Link: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/tech/2010/12/09/explain.it.to.me.cyber.attacks.cnn Questions for discussion: How does a hacker wage a denial of service attack? Why were several credit card companies recently targeted this way… Read more »

FTC Privacy Plan Includes ‘Do Not Track’ Browser Option

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Description: The Federal Trade Commission unveiled an online privacy proposal that includes a “do not track” option for consumers on the Internet, similar to the “do not call” list that exists to block telemarketers.  The plan would allow the consumer to block their Web-surfing history and thus prevent third-party sites from using online activity to… Read more »

Feds take cloud-first approach to IT

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It’s a good thing not all elected officials are clueless about technology.  In an effort to reduce 40 percent of the U.S. government’s current 2,100 data centers, the White House has pledged to embrace flexible cloud computing in favor of traditional in-house tech deployments.  The shift from building custom, proprietary IT systems to lighter technologies… Read more »

Wired Editor Chris Anderson Explains “The Web Is Dead” Cover And Why The Web Is A Place For Amateurs

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On the cover of its August 2010 issue, Wired magazine declared “The web is dead.”  In a recent interview with Business Insider, Wired’s Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson explains the full title of the article: “The web is dead.  Long live the Internet.”  Anderson says,  “You don’t have to be an ad supported website.  If you choose,… Read more »

EU launches antitrust probe into alleged Google abuses

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The European Commission has launched an investigation into Google after other search engines complained that the search giant had abused its dominant position.  The investigation will try to determine whether Google’s method of generating unpaid results adversely affects the ranking of other, lesser-known search engines.  Google denies the allegations but vowed to work with the… Read more »