– Web 2.0 Technologies for CIOs

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                    Description: Web 2.0 technologies, including blogs, mash-ups and Ajax, are changing the way people communicate online and could have profound implications for collaboration within the enterprise. Gathered here are our best articles and advice on how CIOs can get the most from the Web 2.0 revolution…. Read more »

How Stuff Works – Web 3.0

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                          Description: Foundational information for Web 3.0.  Internet experts think Web 3.0 is going to be like having a personal assistant who knows practically everything about you and can access all the information on the Internet to answer any question. Many compare Web 3.0… Read more »

InfoWeek – Dartmouth College Goes Wireless

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                Description: Faced with a telecommunications infrastructure that’s unable to support its sprawling campus in rural New Hampshire, Dartmouth College is investing in wireless technology that will allow it to expand its main campus network to off-site buildings. Source:  Elena Malykhina, InfoWeek Date: 3/11/2005 Link: Discussion Questions: What types… Read more »

Newshour – Cities Go Wireless

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Description: Article on the expanded use & implementation of wireless technology. The broadband or high-speed Internet connections that were once found only in universities and businesses can now be found in more than 37 million locations, including homes, libraries and schools. According to the Federal Communications Commission, this number is up from only 7 million in… Read more »

Whitepaper – Mary Kay’s Latest Beauty Secret? In-Building Wireless

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                Description: Whitepaper with creative discussion about the strategic advantages of wireless capabilities such as utilized at Mary Kay Corp. Source: J. Sharpe Smith Date: 2007 Link: Discussion Questions: How is wireless capability a secret weapon for Mary Kay Corp?

How Stuff Works – Wireless

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                          Description: Link to How Stuff Works with foundational information about wireless.  This basic understanding is critical for building on other related concepts.  Source: Marshall Brain and Tracy V. Wilson, How Stuff Works Link: Discussion Questions: 1. In your own words, how does Wi-Fi… Read more »

Webopedia – Wireless

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              Description: Link to more definition expansion for further discussion and clarification.  Source: Webopedia Link: Discussion Questions: What can be learned about Wi-Fi technology from this resource?

WI-FI Alliance Press Release – Enabling Develop in Rural and Urban India

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Description: Wi-Fi technology adoption is on the rise in India, and the world’s most pervasive wireless local networking technology is enabling social and economic development across the region, according to new research sponsored by the Wi-Fi Alliance and conducted by Tonse Telecom.  The report, titled “Wi-Fi in India: A Key Enabler of Economic, Social and Community… Read more »

BusinessWeek – Slide Show Wiki Guide

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                  Description: Many companies rely on wikis to engage customers in ongoing discussions about products. Wikis for Motorola and T-Mobile handsets serve as continually updated user guides. TV networks including ABC and CBS are creating fan wikis that let viewers interact with each other as they unravel mysteries… Read more »