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Description: Discusses the pros and cons of developing a social networking site.  Is it good for business?  It is unavoidable and can definitely be good for business, but it must be managed to be effective.

Source: Ryan Singel, Wired Magazine

Date: 2/18/2009


Discussion Questions:

1. What can be learned as described in this article?  Are social network sites really good for business?

2. Social network:

a. searchable content

b. indicates ways individuals are connected

c. evolution in human social interaction

d. views social relationships in terms of nodes & ties

e. all of the above

3. Mapping & measuring of relationships & flows between people, etc.:

a. social network service

b. social network analysis

c. social network tools

d. social network theory

4. Changing the media & advertising industries:

a. Digg

b. Friendster

c. YouTube

d. Flickr

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