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Description: Web 2.0 technologies, including blogs, mash-ups and Ajax, are changing the way people communicate online and could have profound implications for collaboration within the enterprise. Gathered here are our best articles and advice on how CIOs can get the most from the Web 2.0 revolution. (from collection.  Discuss importance of such resources as this publication, and others).

This guide is part of the CIO Briefing series, which is designed to give IT leaders strategic guidance and advice that addresses the management and decision-making aspects of timely topics. For a complete list of topics covered to date visit the CIO Briefing section.


Date: 3/1/2007


Discussion Questions:

1. What are some of the major characteristics of Web 2.0 technologies?  What is the revolution all about?

2. Web 2.0 characteristics:

a. mass social media

b. better collaboration with partners, customers, suppliers

c. anyone can be a developer

d. digital democracy

e. all of the above

3. Social media:

a. organization controlled

b. people controlled

c. highly structured

d. none of the above

4. Social media:

a. people share opinions

b. people share experiences

c. very expensive

d. people share opinions & experiences

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