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Description: MSNBC article with discussion about how difficult it is to remove information once it is spread onto the internet.  Many recruiters and HR staff members are using sites such as Facebook as a way to screen applicants & to determine decision making capability and judgment. Job candidates who maintain personal sites on Facebook or MySpace are learning — sometimes the hard way — that the image they present to their friends on the Internet may not be best suited for landing the position they’re seeking. Although many employers are too old to qualify as members of the Facebook Generation, they’re becoming increasingly savvy about using social networking sites in their hiring due diligence. That has both job candidates and human resources professionals debating the ethics and effectiveness of snooping on the Web for the kind of information that may not come up in a job interview.

Source: Wei Du,

Date: 8/14/2007


Discussion Questions:

1. What can be done to fix something that is incorrect about you that is present on the Internet?

2. Social networking sites can:

a. assist human resources efforts in recruiting

b. invade personal privacy

c. become basis for litigation

d. ruin careers

3. Social networks are:

a. negative upon employee productivity

b. Web sites that allow anyone to build a homepage for free

c. Highly influential on politics and public opinion

d. expensive to maintain

4. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Bebo are examples of:

a. virtual communities

b. web sites

c. social networks

d. homepages

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