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Description:  Green computing is a mindset that asks how we can satisfy growing demand for network computing without putting undo stress on the environment. 

Data centers are commonly filled with large numbers of servers that require a tremendous amount of time and money to maintain. Dan Chu of VMware shows how virtualization can optimize fewer servers to run at higher performance levels.

Source: Dan Chu, Zdnet 

Date: 1/6/2006


Discussion Questions:

1. Define & give examples of green computing.  What is the value to business overall?

2. Study & practice of eco-friendly computing resources:

a. Green economics

b. Green computing

c. Eco-friendly business practices

d. All of the above

 3. Benefits of telecommuting:

a. Improves job satisfaction & productivity

b. Decreases involvement in office politics

c. Reduces need for facilitates

d. Increased labor pool

e. Conserves energy & lessens dependence upon foreign oil

 4. Concept of green computing requires:

a. World-wide effort for greatest effectiveness

b. Must begin somewhere

c. Can benefit third world countries by increasing standard of living conditions

d. All of the above

e. None of the above

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