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Description: Video describing innovative approaches to making technology less harmful to the environment.

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 Discussion Questions:

1. What are some of the benefits of green technology?

 2. Examples can be appropriate disposal of obsolete equipment; technology that will not emit dangerous elements into the environment.

 3. Efficient utilization by using power save features.

 4. Green software refers to software products that help companies:

a. Save energy, or comply with EPA requirements.

b. Save money.

c. Reduce cycle time.

d. Continuously improve quality.

 5. The responsibility to dispose of discarded PCs and other outdated computer equipment resides with:

a. Manufacturers.

b. Users.

c. Government agencies.

d. Organizations.

e. All of the above.

 6. With an increased awareness about the damage to the physical environment and ecosystem, organizations and individuals are looking at potential improvements and savings that can be made within the IT industry.  These efforts are known as:

a. Eco-friendly initiatives.

b. Energy-efficient data centers.

c. Virtualization technologies.

d. Green IT.

e. None of the above.

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