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Description: Graphical display of top IT issues for CIOs and IT Directors.

Source: Peter Thomas

Date: 3/17/2009


Discussion Questions:

1. CIOs who have a more strategic role are more successful in what core strategic activities?  Why are these critical success factors?

2. Oversees the IT division typically:

a. CFO

b. CIO

c. President

d. It depends

3. To whom the CIO reports within the organization structure is critical because it determines decision making authority & autonomy:

a. C-suite shares highest level of strategy setting importance

b. Seen as strategic weapon if reporting to CEO

c. Cost cutting center will likely report to CFO

d. All of the above are correct

e. None of the above are correct

4. IT governance is a critical success factor:

a. To achieving overall strategic goals of the organization

b. For few organizations of small to mid-size

c. Within IT only

d. None of the above 

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