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What are some reason why employees fail to follow internal security policies & procedures?  How might they be more motivated?  Use incentives.  Recognition of employees/business units for following policies, without security violations, secure ideas brought forward, etc. 

Employees may believe they are too busy for the additional steps that may be required such as passwords, door entry, data authentication procedures, etc.  It is important that employees be fully aware of risks & penalties; penalties should be enforced consistently.

Source: Cindy Waxer, IT Security

Date: 4/12/2007


Discussion Questions:

1. Do you recommend employee incentives?

2. Most big company security breaches originate from:

a. hackers

b. viruses

c. missing security patches

d. internal sources such as employees

3. Method to identify a person based on a biological feature:

a. authentication

b. access control

c. biometrics

d. countermeasure

 4. Worms:

a. spread with human intervention

b. spread using networks to propagate

c. cannot spread via instant or text messages

d. none of the above

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