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Description: In 2008, the average number of security breaches increased slightly from previous years. Although the number of security breaches remained moderate over the last few years, the data indicates the severity levels have increased. This suggests many organizations have made significant progress in dealing with security issues, but the number and types of threats have increased in step.  The most significant costs of security breaches remains the overall impact on employee productivity. About one-third of U.S. respondents cite lost productivity as the top consequence of a breach, followed by a disruption of revenue-generating activities.  The primary cause for the most severe security breaches remains unintentional in nature and typically caused by human error. This demonstrates a need for more employee trainings and deeper knowledge of technology functions.

Source: CompTIA

Date: 2010


Discussion Questions:

  1. Forced compliance is always more costly than willing.  Why then do so many companies take a reactive rather than proactive stance?

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