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Description: article about common mistakes related to strategic planning by IT professionals. 

Source: Derek Slater, CIO Magazine

Date: 6/1/2002


Discussion Questions:

1. Discuss the importance of IT-business alignment for CIOs.

2. IT initiatives may fail if:

a. IT is not aligned to the overall business strategy

b. CIO is not a member of the top executive level

c. Poor communication of the initiative

d. Lack of support at all levels

e. All of the above

3. Top issues facing CIOs:

a. Reducing costs

b. Attracting & retaining top talent

c. Managing change

d. All of the above

e. None of the above

4. Organized planning of IT resources:

a. Business strategic planning

b. IT strategic planning

c. Quarterly forecasting

d. Sourcing

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