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Description: Link to Wikipedia for SCM definition & clarification.  Discuss how SCM can be a competitive advantage for organizations when used most effectively.  What is the main goal of SCM?  To reduce uncertainty, variability, & risks; to increase control in the supply chain to improve inventory levels, cycle time, business processes & customer service to increase profitability & competitiveness.  Efficient & effective supply chains are critical to survival of most organizations; heavily dependent upon IS.  What are some examples of successful supply chain partnerships?  Consider Wal-Mart.

Source: Wikipedia

Date: 11/29/2010


 Discussion Questions:

1. Describe SCM & give examples.

2. Efficient management of the supply chain end-to-end process:

a. ERP

b. CRM

c. SCM

d. DSS

 3. Main goal of modern SCM:

a. reduce cost

b. reduce uncertainty, variability & risks

c. increase control in the supply chain

d. increase profitability & competitiveness

e. all of the above

 4. SCM software:

a. concentrates upon improving decision making, optimization & analysis

b. needed to support specific segments of manufacturing, inventory control & scheduling

c. may support digital supply chains

d. all of the above

e. none of the above

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