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Description:  Link to Wikipedia for Knowledge Management definition & clarification.  What are the pros & cons associated with implementing KM systems?  What recommendations do you have for management to increase KM implementation success?  Employees must be given incentive for their knowledge to participate in KM.  KM systems will break down silos & allow for the knowledge to be managed effectively & efficiently; access is key.

Source:  Wikipedia

Date: 8/30/2010


 Discussion Questions:

1. Define KM & relate it to knowledge & intellectual capital.  

2. What are the major benefits of KM to a company?

3. Process that helps organizations to identify, select, organize, disseminate, and transfer important information & expertise within the organization in an unstructured way:

a. CRM

b. SCM

c. KM

d. ERP

 4. Employee incentives are common when promoting implementation of:

a. SCM

b. CRM

c. KM

d. DSS

 5. Knowledge is also:

a. intellectual capital

b. intellectual assets

c. critical to the ongoing success of an organization

d. all of the above

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