Inside Microsoft’s secret design lab

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Design, build, try…all within 8 hours Source: CNN Money Date: April 2nd, 2015 Link (to paste into browser): Discussion 1) It’s all well and good to design, build and try all within 8 hours, but doesn’t it matter a lot who does the trying? 2) What sorts of technology are “democratizing” what Microsoft is… Read more »

The Top Technology Failures of 2014

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All successful technologies are alike, but every failed technology flops in its own way. Success means a technology solves a problem, whether it’s installed on a billion smartphones or used by a few scientists carrying out specialized work. But many—maybe most—technologies do not succeed, typically because they fail to reach the scale of adoption that… Read more »

Starting a revolution with technology

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Discussion:  In early 2011 civil unrest in Egypt and the middle east let to political demonstrations that the Egyptian government believed threatening enough to the well being of the country that they shut down the World Wide Web in hopes of diminishing lines of communication between groups of protesters.  OpenMesh, an ad hoc wireless mesh network of individual… Read more »

Could the U.S. shut down the Internet?

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Discussion: Internet experts say no, shutting down the entire U.S. Internet would be pretty much impossible.  Both the technical infrastructure and the legal framework within the U.S. would prevent the government from fully clamping down on the country’s thousands of Internet providers.  And shutting down the global Internet would be even a bigger, unlikely feat. … Read more »

The present and the future of the mobile workforce

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Discussion: iPass, a major wireless service provider, surveyed mobile-enabled professionals and reported the top five mobile workforce trends for 2010.  The results are a bit surprising: the median age of the mobile worker is 46, a whopping 97% of mobile employees carry two or more mobile devices, and 88% are checking their smartphones during downtime…. Read more »

Business Link – Location-Based M-Commerce Service

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                  Description: Link to Business Link article for expanding discussion related to Location Based Services & Commerce. Source: Business Link Link: Discussion Questions: Compare & contrast LBS to GPS technology.