New order? China restaurant debuts robot waiters

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WWhile on first glance the five new robots at “Taste and Aroma” seem super-futuristic, it turns out they can only move along fixed paths and are unable to respond to requests from customers.  Frankly, we expect more from our interns — who on their first day in the office can be programmed to fetch tea… Read more »

Robo-wings: Military drones that mimic hawks and insects

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A Defense agency is working on a surveillance robotic hawk that could fly through an urban combat jungle at 45mph The study is looking at developing new algorithms to allow a small UAV to operate without a remote pilot. Source: CNN Tech Date: January 31, 2015 Link (to paste into browser): 1) How could… Read more »

When will robots do to football (soccer) what computers did to chess?

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Post by The Economist. When will robots do to football what computers did to chess? A look at the RoboCup in Brazil, where robots show their football skills and push the boundaries of artificial intelligence. Source: The Economist Date: December 11th, 2014 Link (to paste into browser): Link to article (to paste into browser):… Read more »

The Solar Robots

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Discussion: A diesel powered, solar panel robots can now be used to install and clean solar panels. The cost of solar panels has become to expensive for most businesses. This is due to the rise in installation costs, even though the price of the actual solar panels has dropped. However, by automating the installation you can… Read more »

Exoskeleton allows paraplegics to walk

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Discussion:  A new robot that you can wear is allowing paraplegics to walk.  The Ekso, developed by Ekso Bionics, which first started as a project for the military that allowed soldiers to lift heavy loads and walk further distances, is now enabling people with disabilities to stand upright while also enhancing their strength.  The Ekso is made up of… Read more »

Print your own life-size robot for under $1,000

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Discussion:  Gael Langevin, a French sculptor, has designed a robot whose parts can all be printed on a common 3D printer and assembled in one’s home.  InMoov, Langevin’s animatronic creation, can be made by anyone with access to little more than a basic 3D printer, a few monitors, a cheap circuit board and about $800.  The project… Read more »

Manchester Royal Infirmary surgeons first to use 3D

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The technology is to be trialled on a small number of patients. Discussion:  Surgeons at Manchester Royal Infirmary claim to be the first to use a full 3D projection during an operation.  The team wore special glasses in order to view the procedure in 3D, while surgeons also used a hand-held robotic arm.  The prostate removal… Read more »