The Six Reasons Smart Folks are Worried About Apple

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There are two huge topics of discussion in Silicon Valley right now. The first is “Who will win the level 4 autonomy race, Tesla or Uber?,” and the second is “Is Apple in trouble?” Source: LinkedIn Pulse Date: September 20th, 2016 Link: Discussion 1) Why does it matter than the #1 company in the U.S. and a… Read more »

GitHub CEO Talks About How Microsoft and Apple Are Changing

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Big companies are now embracing open source.  If more companies are turning to software, they are going to need someplace to store all that code.  Enter GitHub, the hot startup behind the popular online source code repository used by thousands of individual developers as well as big-name companies like John Deere, SAP, and Microsoft. These… Read more »

Who’s responsible when an autonomous car crashes?

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  Joshua Brown died when his autopilot system did not recognize a tractor-trailer turning in front of his Model S and his car plowed into it. The Ohio man’s family is now being represented by a law firm with expertise in product defect litigation, and it’s conducting an investigation. The federal government is also investigating… Read more »

Apple is losing the 3.5mm headphone jack

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  After months of rumors and criticism online, Apple confirmed Wednesday that it will eliminate the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.  Those who buy the newest iPhone will either have to go wireless with Bluetooth headphones, buy a pair of corded headphones that can connect through the Lightning port… Read more »

Using heat mapping to see where people are

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This technology allows someone to accurately map where, and for how long, a person is. Source: CNN Date: August 25th, 2016 Link to video: Discussion 1) Where else might this sort of technology be really useful? 2) If you were buying this technology for your company, what sorts of concerns might you have?

The day competitive gaming became a serious global sport

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A new governing body is being introduced to the eSports industry to regulate the professional video games scene, much like Fifa does for football. The World eSports Association (WESA) has been announced to bring “traditional ruling” to this rapidly growing industry. eSports’ largest event in 2015 drew more than 35 million viewers. That’s more than most major US… Read more »

Can DNA become the future of digital storage? Microsoft is betting on it

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Not only is DNA remarkably effective at retrieving and copying data, it’s extremely efficient in scale. It’s estimated that a diploid cell in the human contains about 1.5 gigabytes of information, which it can store and retrieve with frightening accuracy. At 1.5GB per cell, the cells in your hand could provide a storage medium bigger… Read more »

Google wants to inject cyborg lenses into your eyeballs

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Google has patented a new technology that would let the company inject a computerized lens directly into your eyeball.   In its patent application, which the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved last week, Google says it could remove the lens of your eye, inject fluid into your empty lens capsule and then place an electronic… Read more »

Airbnb looks at expanding into leisure activities

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Accommodation-listing service Airbnb is looking at moving into other businesses, its co-founder has said.  Nathan Blecharczyk told the BBC the willingness of people to stay in the home of a stranger showed the demand for personal connections while travelling.  He said the company was now looking at pairing hosts and guests for tours, playing sport,… Read more »