Massive hack hit 760 companies

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Discussion:  A massive cyberattack earlier this year affected 760 major companies that were using RSA’s SecurID tags.  Many of the affected companies are just finding out that their security had been breached.  This kind of breach, called an “advanced persistent threat”, can go on for years undetected and aims at gaining access to sensitive information… Read more »

Ex-CIA official sounds alarm about hackers’ next targets

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Discussion:  The former director of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, Cofer Black, stated that hackers, who may have started as pranksters, will tamper with the technology that runs real-world infrastructure.  This could ultimately impair National Security.  Black also noted that the act of hacking has moved “into physical destruction of a natural resource.”  At the conclusion… Read more »

Our Web freedom at the mercy of tech giants

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Discussion:  Big media companies, and their political agendas, may have enough power to influence free speech on the web.  These companies are currently dealing with the issue of whether or not speech involving slander, hatred or violence needs to be controlled.  It is an issue of genuine economic and security concerns on the one hand with… Read more »

Starting a revolution with technology

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Discussion:  In early 2011 civil unrest in Egypt and the middle east let to political demonstrations that the Egyptian government believed threatening enough to the well being of the country that they shut down the World Wide Web in hopes of diminishing lines of communication between groups of protesters.  OpenMesh, an ad hoc wireless mesh network of individual… Read more »

Report: iPhones secretly track their users’ locations

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Discussion: A team of researchers at iPhone Tracker recently discovered that iPhones and 3G-enabled iPads appear to be tracking and storing data about their users’ whereabouts without their knowledge.  Although most cell phone providers collect similar data as part of their operations, it is kept behind a firewall and normally requires a court order to… Read more »

InfoWeek – AT&T Enterprise GPS

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      Description:  AT&T is teaming with TeleNav to beef up its enterprise global positioning system services, and it is offering a service that enables companies to track and monitor their vehicle fleets with embedded units.  The carrier said it was offering TeleNav Vehicle Tracker as part of its enterprise mobility services. Once installed,… Read more »

BusinessWeek – State of Surveillance

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    Description: Discussion of the pros & cons of higher security levels.  Tomorrow’s surveillance technology may be considerably more effective, but each uptick in protection will typically come at the cost of more intrusion into the privacy of ordinary people. For now, the public seems to find that trade-off acceptable, so scientists around the world have… Read more »