Smart cities: How easy is it to hack our urban environment?

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Source: BBC Date: September 12, 2014 Link: Questions for discussion: 1) Are there any “good” uses for technology that allows a person to hack into the electricity grid, or disable a wifi network? 2) Should there be regulation on the sale and purchase of hacking technologies that allow a person to access the electricity… Read more »

Your Digital Legacy: States Grapple with Protecting Our Data After We Die

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Discussion:  What happens to your emails and Facebook page after you die?  Some states have passed legislation to allow executors access to a deceased person’s email and other digital assets, while Google has hired lobbyists to oppose it.   As it stands now, the ambiguity that awaits after a person passes away has often pinned greiving… Read more »

Cybersecurity bills aim to prevent ‘digital Pearl Harbor’

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Discussion:  Foreign spies and organized criminals have access to virtually every companies’ network, which makes the issue of cyber security a national security issue.  Analysts agree that cyber criminals or terrorists have the capabilities to shut down the country’s financial, energy or communications infrastructure.  Much of our countries’ infrastructure is privately owned, making prevention and surveillance a… Read more »

Computer spyware is newest weapon in Syrian conflict

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Discussion:  In Syria, regime supporters have released computer viruses that are designed to rob information from targeted users and send it to a government-owned server.  The information collected, such as user names, locations, and contact info, is then used by the regime to help fight protestors and activists in the country.  This information is collected… Read more »

FBI probes Anonymous intercept of US-UK hacking call

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Discussion:  The hacking group, Anonymous, has posted and distributed an audio file obtained illegally of US and UK police forces discussing legal action against hackers.  The group also allegedly took down the Greek justice ministry in protest of the government’s signing of the copyright treaty and its handling of the economic crisis.  The FBI is… Read more »

FBI plans social network map alert mash-up application

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Discussion:  The FBI is designing an application that will combine information from many different social networking sites (such as Twitter and Facebook), highlight areas of interest or security concerns, and overlay them onto a map that could hypothetically show where different threats are located.  The FBI states that this is not an invasion of privacy… Read more »

Your face is being tracked

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Discussion:  Your face is being tracked in many different ways.  This article highlights six interesting and amazing ways that different technologies could be tracking your face.  Facial recognition software allows companies to tailor its advertising to different customers, as well as tracking the clientele that frequent different businesses.  This type of software even purports to be able… Read more »