The U.S. is still using floppy disks to run its nuclear program

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A new report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), which found that the Pentagon was still using 1970s-era computing systems that require “eight-inch floppy disks.”   Such disks were already becoming obsolete by the end of that decade, being edged out by smaller, non-floppy 3.5 to 5.25-inch disks, before being almost completely replaced by the CD… Read more »

The day competitive gaming became a serious global sport

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A new governing body is being introduced to the eSports industry to regulate the professional video games scene, much like Fifa does for football. The World eSports Association (WESA) has been announced to bring “traditional ruling” to this rapidly growing industry. eSports’ largest event in 2015 drew more than 35 million viewers. That’s more than most major US… Read more »

Google turns search results black for some

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Why is Google thinking of changing the color of its search results from blue to black?  “We’re always running many small scale experiments with the design of the results page,” a Google (GOOGL, Tech30) spokesperson said.” Source: CNN Tech Date: May 10th, 2016 Link: Discussion 1) Do you think the colour of a link actually matters?  Have… Read more »

Google wants to inject cyborg lenses into your eyeballs

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Google has patented a new technology that would let the company inject a computerized lens directly into your eyeball.   In its patent application, which the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved last week, Google says it could remove the lens of your eye, inject fluid into your empty lens capsule and then place an electronic… Read more »

Mobile game Sea Hero Quest ‘helps dementia research’

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Dementia researchers have developed a video game that could lead to the development of early diagnostic tests for the disease.  The way players navigate the 3D levels in Sea Hero Quest will be anonymously tracked and sent to the researchers.  Understanding how people navigate 3D environments is important because the skill is often one of… Read more »

New order? China restaurant debuts robot waiters

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WWhile on first glance the five new robots at “Taste and Aroma” seem super-futuristic, it turns out they can only move along fixed paths and are unable to respond to requests from customers.  Frankly, we expect more from our interns — who on their first day in the office can be programmed to fetch tea… Read more »

Carl Icahn dumps Apple shares over China fears

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Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn has sold all his shares in Apple over concerns about the technology firm’s prospects in China.  At one point last year, he owned 53 million shares worth $6.5bn. Source: BBC Date: April 28th. 2016 Link: Discussion 1) Clayton Christensen wrote a book called the Innovators Dilemma which describes how companies overshoot the… Read more »