Who Controls Your Facebook Feed?

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Every time you open Facebook, one of the world’s most influential, controversial, and misunderstood algorithms springs into action. It scans and collects everything posted in the past week by each of your friends, everyone you follow, each group you belong to, and every Facebook page you’ve liked. For the average Facebook user, that’s more than… Read more »

Apple buys AI company that can read your emotions

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Apple wants to know how you’re feeling. It has acquired an artificial intelligence company that uses facial recognition to read a person’s emotions.  Emotient, Inc.’s technology analyzes facial expressions to measure emotions like joy, surprise, fear, anger, disgust and contempt. Source: CNN Tech Date: 1/11/2016 Link: http://money.cnn.com/2016/01/07/technology/apple-emotient-ai/index.html?iid=ob_homepage_tech_pool&iid=obnetwork Discussion 1) “By scanning videos or a person watching an… Read more »

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2016: Hands-on with LG’s roll-up flexible screen

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Source: BBC Date: January 4th, 2016 Link to video: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35230043 Discussion 1) This technology look amazing!  What applications can you think of for this foldable display? 2) Tech like this sometimes spurns completely new ideas.  Do you have anything completely new that might use a foldable display?

The store tech which could personalise how you shop

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  A shop in London called The Dandy Lab has been fitted with the latest shopping technology in order to help target products and provide a more customised experience.  Cameras analyse customers’ shoes to calculate the number of people entering, their gender and whether they have come on their own or with a family. Source: BBC… Read more »

London bus stops embrace e-paper

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Transport for London is trialling e-paper bus stops that can display real-time travel information. Source: BBC News Date: January 4th, 2016 Link to video: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35162689 Discussion 1) What’s the big deal here?  Don’t a lot of major cities already do this with decades old technology using LCD screens? 2) What other applications might eInk be useful for?

Why Amazon Drone Service Will Not Work

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Source: D News Date: December 28th, 2015 Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRrxOfgwFyw Amazon.com says in a few years, your orders will be delivered to your door by drones! But before this happens, there’s a few (major) issues to be worked out. Discussion 1) Do you agree with any of the points being made, and if so, how could Amazon… Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg has personally answered Facebook’s Indian critics

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A controversial Facebook effort to expand Internet access in India that has come under withering criticism from tech activists.  “Free Basics,” formerly known as Internet.org, offers a free, stripped-down version of the Internet to consumers who cannot afford a broadband connection or smartphone data plan.  The service provides information on health, travel, jobs and local… Read more »

How thermal imaging tech is about to become hot stuff

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Soon we’ll all be feeling the heat, thanks to thermal imaging technology.  Although it’s already been used by industry, the military and some emergency services, it was expensive and therefore had a limited market.  But in the same way that GPS location tech has now found its way into cars, smartphones, cameras and many other… Read more »

Can we be persuaded to pay for online news?

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Got any idea of how to make money from news in the online era? Well prepare for the media giants to beat a path to your door, as they struggle with plunging print advertising revenues and an audience that seems to think news should be free. Source: BBC Technology news Date: December 1st, 2015 Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-34943524 Discussion… Read more »