Show, don’t tell: How video is swamping the internet

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Asked what inspired him to write the cult 1979 hit single Video Killed the Radio Star, songwriter Trevor Horn said it came from the idea that “video technology was on the verge of changing everything”.  More than 35 years later, it’s digital video – particularly on mobile – that is changing everything again.  Video will… Read more »

Vlogging: How you can build a billion dollar career

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  The world’s top video bloggers (vbloggers) can make up to $50,000 per day through advertising and affiliate marketing on their blog sites. Source: BBC News Date: March 11th, 2016 Link to video: Discussion 1) What are the attributes that make a vblogger interesting enough to get a substantial audience? 2) Is there a topic you are… Read more »

Ron Bouganim is transforming “the operating system of government.”

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Source: CNN Date: February 25th, 2016 Link: Discussion 1) Comment on Ron’s statement that “since government is the glue of society, I can’t think of a more scalable way to have personal impact every day.” 2) “The government isn’t typically known as a bastion of innovation, but Ron Bouganim is banking on changing that perception.”  Are there… Read more »

India firm launches ‘world’s cheapest’ smartphone: $3.60 each

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The phone has 8GB storage and cameras in the front and back, and its model resembles Apple’s iPhone 4, including the home button and icons. “This is our flagship model and we think it will bring a revolution in the industry,” the AFP news agency quoted a spokeswoman as saying. Source: BBC Technology News Date: February 19th, 2016… Read more »

The dating game

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“You create this perfect profile, using your best photographs and most creative lines of text, to create this persona, and you start to believe this persona that you’ve created. Everyone else on the app is doing exactly the same thing.  You spend a few weeks sending lines of text to each other, and you eventually… Read more »

Fruit and veg goes digital in South America

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Instead of laboriously wading through long written lists of food items, shoppers swipe through images of supermarket shelves and touch pictorial representations of each food item they want to buy.   When the shopping is done and the order placed, a delivery person, which the company calls a “rappitendero”, selects the items from the stores and… Read more »

Microsoft tests underwater data centre

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Microsoft said its reasons for experimenting with underwater data centres were twofold.  Firstly, half the world’s population is located within 125 miles (200km) of the coast so data centres in the sea would reduce latency – the time its takes data to travel from its source to customers. But there were also environmental reasons for the… Read more »

IBM’s Watson lives in more areas of our lives than we think

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IBM wants Watson to help solve professional and personal problems big and small. But it can’t do it alone.  To achieve its goal, IBM has been honing Watson’s various abilities and lending them to more than 500 startups and companies in 17 industries. Source: CNN Tech Date: January 29th, 2016 Link: Discussion 1) The article suggests that… Read more »

Will India go cashless if mobile payments take off?

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For the last 25 years Binod Upadhyay has been earning a living driving an auto-rickshaw – a yellow and black motorised three-wheeler taxi, a popular form of public transport in India’s financial capital, Mumbai.  As soon as he arrives at a destination he immediately turns round to check if the customer is pulling out a… Read more »

Technology could kill 5 million jobs by 2020

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Five million jobs in the world’s leading economies could disappear over the next five years because of advances in technology. Developments in artificial intelligence, robotics, and biotechnology, would disrupt the business world in a similar way to previous industrial revolutions, the World Economic Forum said in a report published Monday. Source: CNN Tech Date: January 22nd, 2016… Read more »