Gamification time: What if everything were just a game?

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Discussion: In Finland, Microtask has designed a game called Digitalkoot (digital volunteers) that combines gamification (the use of game-play mechanics for practical applications) and crowdsourcing (applying a competitive game-like setting to any non-game business model to create loyalty, increase value of the client or generate new ideas) in order to convert old information into e-archives…. Read more »

Talking Tom is rich: Outfit7 wants to turn smartphone characters into Saturday cartoons

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Discussion:  Outfit7, creater of smartphone app Talking Tom (among others), is working to capitalize on their digital feline by expanding the presence of the cat to Saturday morning cartoons, t-shirts, and other merchandise.  Following the example of Angry Birds, Outfit7 is trying to take the millions of people that have downloaded their app and pursuade them to… Read more »

10 years later, Apple’s ‘crazy’ retail gamble is a hit

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Discussion: Ten years ago, analysts thought Apple was crazy to get into the retailing business.  But over 300 stores later, Apple has definitely proven their risky model a success.  In fiscal year 2010, 13% of Apple’s total sales, roughly $3.2 billion, came from the stylized and shiny stores, including their flagship 32-foot glass cube New… Read more »

ISPs defend plans for two-tier net

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Discussion: The debate continues between net neutrality advocates – those who believe all net traffic should be treated equally – and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who argue that content providers should be able to pay to get their traffic prioritized on the network.  Net neutrality has become a hot legislative topic in Europe and ISPs… Read more »

Where High Speed Internet Meets Smart Grid

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Discussion: EPB, a Chatanooga, Tennessee, utility company, hit two milestones in the last two weeks of 2010: It completed the final touches on one of the fastest Internet pipelines in the world (200 times faster than the average U.S. download speed), and it activated the first automated switches on its electricity network (which is expected… Read more »

EU launches antitrust probe into alleged Google abuses

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The European Commission has launched an investigation into Google after other search engines complained that the search giant had abused its dominant position.  The investigation will try to determine whether Google’s method of generating unpaid results adversely affects the ranking of other, lesser-known search engines.  Google denies the allegations but vowed to work with the… Read more »

Wall Street Journal – Psych Majors Aren’t Happy With Options

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Description: It’s official: Management Information Systems (MIS) majors are happiest with their careers according to an article coming out of the Wall Street Journal’s Paths to Professions project. Source: Joe Light, Wall Street Journal Date: 10/11/2010 Link:

YouTube Video – Porter’s Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy: Interview with Michael Porter

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Description: 13:12 minutes. Video of interview with Michael Porter to discuss the components of his famous strategic model. Porter’s competitive forces model has been used to develop strategies for companies to increase their competitive edge. It also demonstrates how IT can enhance competitiveness. Source: Harvard University, YouTube Video Date: 6/30/2008 Link: Discussion Questions: 1. Based on… Read more »