BusinessWeek – Giving The Boss The Big Picture

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    Description:  A “dashboard” pulls up everything the CEO needs to run the show, or rather what they need to assess performance, tool to identify where adjustment is necessary, who is performing and who isn’t.  This article is about how the concept of the dashboard began. Source: BusinessWeek Date: 2/13/2006 Link:  Discussion Questions: What… Read more »

The evolving roll of IT managers and CIOs: Findings from the 2010 IBM Global IT Risk Study

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The results of IBM’s online survey of 556 IT managers from around the world are in: while 66% of the survey participants rated their organization’s overall approach to IT risk as good to expert, only about half of the companies surveyed have a formal risk management department in place.  The number one concern of those… Read more »

Wikipedia Entry – Business Intelligence

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Description: Link to Wikipedia BI definition & clarification.  Business Intelligence (BI) – Common functions of business intelligence applications are reporting, OLAP, analytics, data mining, business performance management, benchmarks, text mining, and predictive analytics.  BI is computer-based decision analysis usually done online by managers & staff. Source: Wikipedia Date: 12/1/2010 Link: Discussion Questions: Define Business Intelligence and… Read more »