10 new open source projects to watch

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Discussion: Black Duck Software, a company that helps automate the management, governance, and security of free and open-source software, recently announced its 2010 open-source “Rookies of the Year” list.  Evaluating the popularity of each open-source project and using a weighted scoring system, it named ten winners, including number one on the list Diaspora, an open-source… Read more »

Broadband world: Connecting Africa

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Discussion: Thanks to three undersea Internet cables that began to arrive in June 2009, East Africa’s tech sector scored a major confidence boost.  As a growing number of private entrepreneurs work to establish Kenya as East Africa’s high-tech hub, the relatively stable government oversees a three million dollar pot of money to reward promising start-ups. … Read more »

Virtual, mobile, social endeavors drive IT in 2011

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Discussion: In 2010, the U.S. tech sector grew about twice as fast as the overall U.S. economy.  As we enter 2011, several trends are clear: cloud computing, social computing, and mobility have the potential to dramatically improve efficiencies without breaking the bank.  IT leaders have high expectations for moving to Internet-based service models, and some… Read more »

The present and the future of the mobile workforce

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Discussion: iPass, a major wireless service provider, surveyed mobile-enabled professionals and reported the top five mobile workforce trends for 2010.  The results are a bit surprising: the median age of the mobile worker is 46, a whopping 97% of mobile employees carry two or more mobile devices, and 88% are checking their smartphones during downtime…. Read more »

Wired Editor Chris Anderson Explains “The Web Is Dead” Cover And Why The Web Is A Place For Amateurs

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On the cover of its August 2010 issue, Wired magazine declared “The web is dead.”  In a recent interview with Business Insider, Wired’s Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson explains the full title of the article: “The web is dead.  Long live the Internet.”  Anderson says,  “You don’t have to be an ad supported website.  If you choose,… Read more »

How to Build a Better App

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The U.S. market for smart-phone applications has soared past $1.5 billion, thanks to ingenious developers like Ilene Jones, cofounder of IPhone’s Hurricane storm-tracking app and Derek James, creator of paid word and card games for Android.  Their advice: Flesh out your plan completely and think local when it comes to hiring a developer, find a… Read more »

Single-Minded: How Facebook Could Beat Google to Win the Net

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For years, Google’s natural enemies were Microsoft and Yahoo.  But as Google trounced those lesser giants in the search engine war, it’s now slowly losing momentum in what may turn out to be the real battle – the one for display ad revenues – to the dorm-room-born Facebook.  While Google promised to keep your usage… Read more »

BusinessWeek: Math Will Rock Your World

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Description: A generation ago, quants turned finance upside down. Now they’re mapping out ad campaigns and building new businesses from mountains of personal data Source: BusinessWeek Date: 1/23/2006 Link: http://www.businessweek.com/print/magazine/content/06_04/b3968001.htm?chan=gl  Discussion Questions: What has math got to do with IT?

The evolving roll of IT managers and CIOs: Findings from the 2010 IBM Global IT Risk Study

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The results of IBM’s online survey of 556 IT managers from around the world are in: while 66% of the survey participants rated their organization’s overall approach to IT risk as good to expert, only about half of the companies surveyed have a formal risk management department in place.  The number one concern of those… Read more »

Harvard Business Review: Competing on Analytics

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Description: HBR article for discussion that presents the competitive advantage related to appropriate use of business analytics.  Analytics competitors use sophisticated data-collection technology and analysis to wring every last drop of value from every available business processes. With analytics, one discerns not only what the customers want but also how much they’re willing to pay… Read more »