The truth about technology’s greatest myth

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Many optimists believe that technology can transform society, whether it’s the internet or the latest phone. But as Tom Chatfield argues, the truth about our relationship with technology is far more interesting. Source: BBC Date: November 13th, 2014 Link to copy into browser: Discussion 1) The author suggests that “technology is not to be… Read more »

Grenade-throwing robot to fight fires on ships

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Discussion:  The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory is designing a seaworthy humanoid robot that will help to improve firefighting capabilities on board military vessels.  The Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot (SAFFIR) is intended to fight fires in cramped quarters.  It will be able to traverse obstacles, activate fire suppressors, and interact with humans as a part of  firefighting… Read more »

Scientists at MIT replicate brain activity with chip

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Discussion:  The idea of creating a computer system that can replicate decisions made by the human brain is coming closer to reality.  Researchers at MIT have designed a computer chip that mimics how the brain’s neurons adapt in response to new information.  With this new technology, artificially created body parts could communicate with the brain,… Read more »

Market research and the primitive mind of the consumer

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Discussion: Manual techniques of market research require hours of viewing slow motion video and logging mind-numbing facial expressions, a labor-intensive process that greatly limits the number of people that can be tested.  But new technology is replacing these traditional techniques with computerized emotion recognition that can analyze thousands of faces at the same time.  If… Read more »

Ray Kurzweil – Law of Accelerating Returns

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                   Description: Ray Kurzweil article.  In 2008, Polaris was launched as an artificial intelligence (AI) project.  Polaris had outperformed several of world’s top Texas Hold’em poker players in Las Vegas.  Polaris won three, humans two, with one draw, not unlike Deep Blue playing chess and beating champion, Gary Kasparov.  Polaris dealt… Read more »