Best- and Worst-Case Scenarios for Four 3D Printers

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Discussion: 1. Formlabs Form 1 Best-Case Scenario: “The crowd-funded CES darling continues to win tech headlines and geek’s hearts across America.” Worst-Case Scenario:”Consumers laugh at the Form 1’s $3,000+ price tag, opting for the $600 RoBo 3D.” 2. MakerBot Replicator (5th Gen) Best-Case Scenario: “he most familiar name in the industry, the MakerBot Replicator (5th… Read more »

Special-effects master pushes new movie format

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Discussion:  Special-effects giant,  Douglas Trumbull, has been very influential in shaping how movies are seen today.  Recently, he has devised a new movie format that shows movie frames at 120 frames per second, instead of the normal 24 frames per second.  This new technique would be especially beneficial in action movies, as action scenes tend to blur… Read more »

Think 3-D printing is cool? Try 4-D

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Discussion:  Skylar Tibbits, a senior fellow at MIT, explains 4-D printing as printing a 3-D object that has the capacity to change over time.  Instead of being a static object with a fixed life, a 4-D object would be more adaptive and responsive to its environment.  The application of such technology are mind-boggling, and span… Read more »

A 3-D pen that lets you draw objects in the air

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Discussion:  WobbleWorks, a startup company out of Boston, has created a pen that you wave in the air in order to create three-dimensional pictures.  They are calling it the 3Doodler, the world’s first 3-D printing pen.  The reaction to the pen on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site, has been phenomenal–they raised $1.1 million within 48 hours.  The pen works… Read more »

Hearts of glass: Where medical science meets art

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Discussion:  Farlow’s Scientific Glass Blowing is an operation that builds models of human anatomy to scale for use in the medical field by using glass blowing techniquies.  These models are designed with the use of CT scans, medical illustrations, and even casts taken from cadavers.  The hearts can be built to spec, or can be designed… Read more »

Print your own life-size robot for under $1,000

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Discussion:  Gael Langevin, a French sculptor, has designed a robot whose parts can all be printed on a common 3D printer and assembled in one’s home.  InMoov, Langevin’s animatronic creation, can be made by anyone with access to little more than a basic 3D printer, a few monitors, a cheap circuit board and about $800.  The project… Read more »

Architect to build home using 3-D printer

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Discussion:  A Dutch architect is building a home made from 3-D printed blocks–the first of its kind.  Instead of printing small items and trinkets as we are used to seeing, the D-Shape, a mega-scale free form 3-D printer, will print 20 by 30 foot marblelike blocks that will make up the structure.  The “Landscape House”  is designed in… Read more »

3-D printer MakerBot cracks down on blueprints for gun parts

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Discussion:  A MakerBot is a 3-D printer that “prints” or creates physical objects.  These 3-D printers use design files as blueprints, then fabricate items from layers of plastic material like powder or liquid.  The printers can be used to create just about anything the user can design, including figurines, iPhone docks, coffee cup holders, and gun parts. … Read more »

Queen’s Christmas message hails Olympic stars

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Discussion:  For the first time ever, the Queen of England broadcast her annual Christmas message to the people in 3D.  It has been reported that the Queen needed no convincing to do the address in 3D; she was ready and willing to make the change.  After the shoot, she made the comment that the broadcast was “absolutely lovely”.  The… Read more »

A 3-D printer created this shoe

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Discussion:  3D printers, now available for use in your home, can print real objects just like regular printers print documents.  The CEO of 3D Systems Corp states that, “if you dream it, if you think it, you can print it.”  The printers print objects one layer at a time, fusing the layers together as it… Read more »