DM News – Macy’s Expands Kiosks

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      Description: Macy’s will roll out kiosks selling consumer electronics to 400 stores after a two-year pilot program. The e-Spot automated kiosks have touchscreen technology, provide extensive product information and allow customers to make purchases by swiping a major credit card or Macy’s gift card. Source: Chantal Todé, DM News Date: 5/22/2008 Link: Discussion… Read more »

InfoWeek – Pizza to Go

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                  Description: Microsoft’s planned acquisition of Tellme Networks adds to its growing portfolio of speech technologies. What’s different is how Tellme’s software is put to use: helping mobile phone users find what they want without the clumsy typing. Source:  Mary Hayes Weier and  J. Nicholas Hoover, InfoWeek Date:… Read more »

JOBS – Airlines Cashless Inflight

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              Description: Airline passengers, no longer surprised that they must pay for food and beverages, now increasingly face another change – credit-card-only flights. Source: Linda Loyd, JOBS Date: 2/4/2009 Link: Discussion Questions: Describe strategic implications of TPS data analysis.

Network World – Mary Kay Makes Over Its Wide Area Network (WAN)

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            Description: When cosmetics giant Mary Kay started to plan an overhaul of its network, the company also began considering tools that would better manage application traffic over the Internet. The company decided to give its WAN a facelift with application acceleration and optimization products from Packeteer. Source: Denise Dubie, Network… Read more »

Whitepaper – Top 10 Trends

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  Description: Whitepaper from Online Community Report on the Top 10 Trends in online communities.  Source: Jim Cashel Date: 2001 Link: Discussion Questions: What are some of the major business possibilities associated with this site?

Defence – Virtual Training Prepares Soldiers

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                    Description: Article describing that military personnel deploying to Afghanistan and Iraq have begun using a new hi-tech virtual training package to practise tactics, techniques and procedures. Source: Defense News Date: 8/29/2008 Link: Discussion Questions: Are we more secure as a direct result of virtual reality… Read more »

Engage Digital – Forterra to Integrate Tech with Army Training

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      Description: The article explains that traditional gaming technologies can be developed for learning activities that are engaging and fun, they lack the realism of military-specific builds. Just as important, traditional AI for non-player characters can be somewhat lacking for simulation. Source: Joey Seilerm, Engage Digital Date: 12/2/2008 Link: Discussion Questions: What are the… Read more »

YouTube Video – Virtualization: What’s the Big Deal?

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Description: 10:12 minutes.  YouTube video with Dell CTO to talk about virtualization.  This is the opportunity to discuss how virtualization can increase the flexibility of IT assets, allowing companies to consolidate IT infrastructure, reduce maintenance and administrative costs, and prepare for strategic IT initiatives such as grid computing, utility computing, and service oriented architecture.  Virtualization separates… Read more »

YouTube Video – Storage Virtualization

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Description: 1:56 minutes.  YouTube video about the creation of an homogenous storage facility virtually, called storage virtualization.  Allows for real time distribution of resources where they are needed and when.  Source: YouTube Video Date: 11/1/2007 Link: Discussion Questions: What is storage virtualization?  Why is it practical and cost effective?