InfoWeek – AT&T Enterprise GPS

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      Description:  AT&T is teaming with TeleNav to beef up its enterprise global positioning system services, and it is offering a service that enables companies to track and monitor their vehicle fleets with embedded units.  The carrier said it was offering TeleNav Vehicle Tracker as part of its enterprise mobility services. Once installed,… Read more »

BusinessWeek – State of Surveillance

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    Description: Discussion of the pros & cons of higher security levels.  Tomorrow’s surveillance technology may be considerably more effective, but each uptick in protection will typically come at the cost of more intrusion into the privacy of ordinary people. For now, the public seems to find that trade-off acceptable, so scientists around the world have… Read more »

NewsWeek – The Future of Reading

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  Description: NewsWeek article about critical success factors within, particularly the Kindle. Source:  Steve Levy, NewsWeek Date: 11/17/2007 Link: Discussion Questions: What does Amazon have over its competition according to this article?  

BusinessWeek – Giving The Boss The Big Picture

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    Description:  A “dashboard” pulls up everything the CEO needs to run the show, or rather what they need to assess performance, tool to identify where adjustment is necessary, who is performing and who isn’t.  This article is about how the concept of the dashboard began. Source: BusinessWeek Date: 2/13/2006 Link:  Discussion Questions: What… Read more »

The evolving roll of IT managers and CIOs: Findings from the 2010 IBM Global IT Risk Study

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The results of IBM’s online survey of 556 IT managers from around the world are in: while 66% of the survey participants rated their organization’s overall approach to IT risk as good to expert, only about half of the companies surveyed have a formal risk management department in place.  The number one concern of those… Read more »

Intel invests $23 million in three Indian firms

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    Description: EE Times article link meant to stimulate discussion about the B2B technology companies and an indication of financial magnitude.  The companies that received a portion of the $23 million from Intel were: One97 Communications Pvt. Ltd., an independent provider of telecom-managed value added services in India. The firm’s existing investors also participated in the… Read more »

Harvard Business Review: Competing on Analytics

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Description: HBR article for discussion that presents the competitive advantage related to appropriate use of business analytics.  Analytics competitors use sophisticated data-collection technology and analysis to wring every last drop of value from every available business processes. With analytics, one discerns not only what the customers want but also how much they’re willing to pay… Read more »

BPO – What is Business Process Outsourcing?

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Description: General purpose of outsourcing is to increase efficiency, reduce costs & to acquire innovative capabilities quickly-by buying the capabilities instead of developing them.  Outsourcing can be a source of strategic advantage.  It can be a disadvantage if cost begins to spiral upward. Source: Link: Discussion Questions: Describe what is meant by the “lean… Read more »